Does Fat Loss Factor Include The Finest Fat Loss Secrets?

Of the many weight loss programs that are available in the market today – why is there so much buzz about fat loss factor program? It is because losing weight is not really a painless endeavor and most individuals who have tried different slimming programs, soon find out that they really don’t work. It is also because this is the one program that has thousands of satisfied customers.

Fat Loss Factor is an invention of Dr. Charles Livingston – a well-known fitness professional, nutritionist, chiropractic physician – who demonstrates an extremely unorthodox technique to get rapid weight loss and also to keep it that way so that it never comes back.

Honestly do you expect to lose a lot of weight and eat your favorite foods at the same time? That is where this program is so different. You don’t have to give up on a lot of things that you love to eat.

For the first 2 weeks this program concentrates on eliminating toxins and fortifying your body’s immune system; maximizing endurance; enhancing your all round health; ending your mental ties to food and increasing energy.

The aim is to reset your metabolic process. Workouts during this period are limited to a walk for 30minutes per day.

This is an extremely easy to follow program and if you are willing to put a little effort, you will definitely succeed.

Weight Loss Ebook

Here are the pillars of Fat Loss Factor program:

- Flush out excess fat by consuming plenty of water.

- Improving metabolic process and doing strength training thrice a week.

- Performing High Intensity Interval workouts to ensure that your system needs to “think” and adjust.

- Enjoying several modest meals during the day.

- What to eat and what not to eat?

- 15 food items for optimum fat burning.

- Cutting down on stress and anxiety, exercises that enables you to de-stress your mind.

The Fat Loss Factor program consists of:

- Fat loss Factor program eBook

- Video tutorials that show master cleanse process

- FLF burning blueprints – according to your level

- The FLF Goal Setting Guide

- Grocery & shopping list guide

- Measurements forms to track your weight and body dimensions

- A workout guide

- The Foo Joo software to guide you to pick healthy meals in restaurants

Pros & Cons Of the Program

+ Easy to follow and understand
+ Can be customized. Has beginner, intermediate and advance level.
+ Lifetime updates
+ Money back guarantee

- Requires dedication
- The first two weeks of detoxing period are hard

Conclusion: If you want not only to lose weight but also to make sure that you never gain weight back, then this is the program for you. Although there is no one single program that works for every one, the fat loss factor program will certainly work for most individuals who want to lose weight naturally and build a healthy body.

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