Fat Loss Factor Contents – The Premium Slimming Program

Unlike many other weight loss programs, fat loss factor is not only just one eBook. It is a complete program and a lot of thought has been given when developing this program.

I am pretty sure that you will be overwhelmed after you download this program. Let us take a look why I consider this to be a premium slimming program.

Quick Start Guide – Step By Step Diet Plan

Quick Start GuideThe most crucial step in fat loss factor program. The 2 weeks of natural food, probably the most difficult part of the program, will help you get rid of those harmful toxins from your body.

Since these toxins get stored in your fat cells, you need to get rid of these toxins to get rid of the fat cells. This vital 2 weeks diet program will reset your body and make it a fat burning machine.

The Fat Loss Factor (FLF) eBook

fat loss factor flf eBookThis is the meat of the program that contains it all. This eBook will prepare you for your success starting from body measurements to liver function improvement and 15 foods for maximum weight loss.

You will also get to know the 17 food items that guarantee weight gain, how to wash away fat with water, Fats to use and fats to reduce and avoid, how to rebuild your body and melt fat all day long, sculpt muscle and trim fat and turning your program into a lifestyle.

90 Days Of Fat Burning Meal Plans

Broken into Month 1, Month 2 and Month 3 the 90 days of meal plans contains the day by day breakfast, lunch and dinner plans that are optimal for your fat burning. Just plain and simple exercises won’t do the trick; after all you are what you eat.

You probably don’t know that most of your accumulated body fat is due to three things – incorrect diet, poor liver functioning and clogged up colon. These three things are so inter-related to each other.

Master Cleanse Videos

Master Cleanse VideosThe master cleanse videos will show you how to detox and cleanse your body. Know about the Detox\Cleanse ingredients, controlled Saltwater Flush laxative to cleanse your colon and the Detox Lemonade for purging of impurities from your digestive track.

The master cleanse takes 3 to 10 days and benefits by dissolving and eliminating toxins and congestion, cleanse kidneys and digestive system, purify glands and cells, facilitates joints and muscle and reduces body fat.

The FooJoo Software

Foo Joo SoftwareThe FooJoo software lists 90+ fast food restaurants so that you can lose weight eating fast food. Listed by restaurants, this software rates different menu items, shows their calorie counts, amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat.

The nutritional information provided by FooJoo is meant to help you lose weight fat by finding healthy fast food items when eating out.

The FLF Exercise Log

Exercise LogWe all know that the key to success is to get organized. The exercise log will help you keep track of your daily food and exercise routine.

Your diet is important in achieving your weight loss goals and your best health. Record your daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and exercise time. What you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner, i.e., main foods, snacks, junk food etc. Also record you bowel movements and consistency, hours of sleep, quality of sleep and quality of exercise.

Workout – Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced

FLF Workout SheetBased on your level, the workout guide has been broken down into 3 levels. Each level has been broken down into week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4. Each week has been further broken down into exercise routines that you need to do.

Details about which exercise to do, number of reps and sets to be done and what weights (pounds) to lift. Each exercise has a demonstration video to help you do it properly.

15 Minute Sample Workouts

FLF Sample WorkoutThe 15-minute sample workout sheet 1 to 5 lists the exercises, the number of reps, the number of sets and also the weight (pounds) to be done. You can print these sheets for your convenience.

Also included are exercise demonstrations to guide you all the way. This just goes to show the thought process of Dr. Charles D. C. Everything has been made available for you. You just have to stick to it.

Goal Setting Guide

Goal Setting GuideThe goal setting guide will help you to set a smart goal. Just answer 7 simple questions, take some measurements, write down the measurements you would like to achieve and how you are going to accomplish them.

The goal setting guide will also encourage you to overcome the barriers that will interfere with your efforts by making you think about your strengths as well as rewards for accomplishing your goal.

Fat Loss Factor Grocery List

FLF Grocery ListA handy little eBook that breaks down your grocery requirements according to their types. From complex carbohydrates to natural ones, beans to dairy products, starchy veggies to fibrous veggies, beans to nuts and seeds, supplements etc. You name it this eBook has it all.

Know your source of proteins from red meat to poultry products and fish.

FLF Measurement Form

Measurement FormNothing much to say but a complete measurement form to track your progress weekly. You can note down you body fat percentage, weight, chest and waist measurement.

It is essential to track your progress as it will boost your confidence and you will be in a positive frame of mind.

FLF Recipes eBook

FLF RecipesThe recipes eBook contains weight loss recipes from the fat loss factor nutrition experts. This eBook stresses on organic food.

You should go organic because it is healthy, nutritious, has no poisonous chemicals, not genetically modified and in most cases it tastes better.

Apart from the main course, there are also the Breakthrough Coaching Videos, The Home Edition Videos and the Diet Generator application. You will also get 4 eBooks which are 45+ Women Home Program, 45+ Women Gym Program, 45+ Men Home Program, 45+ Men Gym Program and Bonus eBook Foods That Kill Fat.

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